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Phillip Au & Associates is a well-trusted leading registered and accredited immigration firm providing excellent services to happy migrants since 1994.

Our migration services include:

  • Professional advice based on current immigration law
  • Strategic advice on visa assessment, visa application and migration matters
  • Assistance with visa applications
  • Guidance on procedural matters
  • Validating and packaging applications to the relevant Australian bodies
  • Liaising with Australian Skills Assessment & Immigration Department on your behalf
  • Providing you with progress updates
  • Migration settlement, business opportunities and set up advice, particularly in Sydney

Firstly contact us and tell us your requirements, problems, difficulties and your circumstances.

We will then update you on the regulation and how you can manage the situation and achieve your goals.

You may then decide how you want to proceed. If you apply yourself and are unsure of the outcome, you will probably waste your time and application fee.

However by using our services, you do not need to waste your time, energy and money. We will provide information and assessment for the most suitable visa for your individual situation.

If you decide to use our services, we will proceed to prepare your documentation and submit the application on your behalf to improve your chances of a successful outcome. We will provide you a quote for our professional fee for these service.

There are a few ways to become an Australian Citizen. One of them is by grant to a person holding a permanent resident visa for a specified period and meeting certain personal character requirements. You may like to visit the Australian Government web-site (www.citizenship.gov.au) for more information.

It is advisable to apply as early as possible once you have decided to migrate to Australia. The main reason is that one of the basic criteria for eligibility assessment is age, i.e. the younger you are the more points you get. Another reason is that the Australian migration regulations change regularly, which may make it increasingly more difficult for you to migrate.