Parent Migrant

Parent (Migrant) Visa

This visa has several categories: Temporary leading to Permanent and Direct Permanent visa

The main eligibility criteria for this visa is meeting the balance family test, meaning children who are settling in Australia as a permanent visa holders or holding Australian citizenship must be at least 50% of the total number of children.

Visitor Parent Visa

Visa Subclass 870 is a Visitor Visa category, designated for parents) of an Australia Citizen or Australia Permanent Resident who wishes to visit Australia on a long-term basis. This visa may be

approved for either 3 or 5 years, meaning that the visa holder may visit Australia for a longer period than a Visitor Visa Subclass 600. Visa holders may hold this visa subclass for a maximum of 10 years

validity, and there are no Permanent Visa pathways under this visa category unless the visa Applicant is eligible for Parent Visa (PR) pathway.

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Prospective Marriage Visa
This is a Temporary Visa to let you migrate and marry your fiancée who is an Australian Citizen, or Australian Permanent Resident, or eligible New Zealand Citizen. This is an offshore visa category which once granted, you may allow to travel to Australia and marry your fiancée within 9 months from the visa approval.

Partner Visa

This is a two-stage visa application that leads to a Permanent Resident. This visa is an option for a Spouse of an Australian Citizen, or usual resident of Australia Permanent Resident, or eligible New Zealand Citizen who wishes to migrate to Australia. There are onshore or offshore pathways under this visa category.

Child Visa

This is a Permanent Visa category, available for children or children of Australian Citizens in Australia Permanent Resident who is fully dependent on his/her parents. There is an offshore and onshore option under this visa category.

Remaining Relative Visa

This is a Permanent Visa category, for those who have no other overseas living relatives but are settled Australia Citizens and/or Australia Permanent Residents. if you have a spouse, the same criteria must be met.

Carer Visa

Carer Visa

This is a Permanent Visa, allowing the visa holder to provide support and care to their relatives, partner, or family member who has long-term medical conditions.

Aged Dependent

Aged Dependent Relative Visa

This is a Permanent Visa, allowing a dependent relative of either an Australian Citizen or Australia Permanent Resident to be sponsored. To be eligible for this visa, one of the requirements is for you to be wholly and substantially dependent on an Australian Citizen, or Australia Permanent Resident relative.

Adoption Visa

This is a Permanent visa, allowing Australian permanent residents or Australian citizens (who adopted a minor under the law of the foreign country where they are living for a minimum of 12 months) to apply for an adoption visa.

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